I love to create. Developer and designer. Looking forward to make cool things.

Sites and mobile apps

Figma template for social media covers
Being Featured at producthunt is most desirable thing for new startup. I decided to try this experience out on myself.
Running tour around Khamovniki
Site for an excursion agency. The agency organizes running tours with locals. Such guides are popular abroad. The guys decided to try to do it in Moscow.
Case at Behance
Site and banners for Black Friday
Every year this week i renew all my digital subscriptions. I mean books and apps for example. This year i decided to collect all discounts i like on the one site.
Documents in the pocket
Applciation for storing documents of the whole family. When the expiration date comes up, the application will tell you how and when to update documents.
Image file
Boilerplate for Vue apps
Site and boilerplate for creatting Vue applciations. Design of the site based on technical specifications familiar for every javascript developer.
Damn cool feeling, when something was not in the universe, and «bam» appeared

My history is like

For the last 6 years I have been working as a backend and frontend programmer. I've made websites, bots, and a couple of mobile apps.
Before programming, I worked as a project manager for several years. It's interesting to manage the process, but I like to create on my own more. So I started programming. It’s a damn cool feeling when something wasn’t in the universe and bam it's appeared.
Modern era and future
My big goal for 5 years is to learn how to make convenient digital products. To do this, I train on my tasks, watch the work of different studios a lot, study design at the Gorbunov Bureau.
Drop me a letter in Telegram if you have an open designer position.