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Digital discounts on «Black Friday»

Black Friday in most cases is a cheating. Prices go up. But, when we talk about digital discounts it works fine. Every year this week i renew all my digital subscriptions. I mean books and apps for example. This year i decided to collect all discounts i like on the one site.


I wanted to make something simple. On the Producthunt you will plenty of simple projects, but they are profitable and popular.


In the result

The result is probably even too simple. But, it was a cool practice, I especially liked making these small banners. Because the layout is simple, everything looks great at all resolutions.


Few technical details

When I thought about the project, I wanted to try something new. In the usual case, I would take, nuxt, or my template for vuew apps or ruby-on-rails. I decided to try Astro. Astro is a static site builder with support for modern frameworks.